How to Eat Dragonfruit

How to Eat Dragonfruit

I had never actually seen a dragonfruit in it’s entirety.  I had eaten pitaya bowls and tasted it before but never seen the whole fruit.  When I stumbled upon it at a Vietnamese market a couple of a weekends ago, I was stunned.  The outside skin is bright pink and waxy, with twisted green stubby leaves growing out of the top.  It looked so foreign to me, I didn’t realize what it was until I looked at the sign.  And there in a brown paper box, was the most beautiful thing in the entire market it and excitement took me over!

Although excited, I have to admit I was nervous about it.  Dragonfruit are not inexpensive and I had no idea how to even cut into it.  Could the skin be eaten?  The leaves repurposed?  I had some research to do.  So after a couple of articles and several Youtube videos later, I realized it was so simple.  I had been anxious about nothing because this fruit was easier to manipulate than a kiwi.

To start with, I washed the outside of the fruit, although the skin is not to be eaten.  I’m not sure that it’s completely inedible but I wanted the fruit and this definitely wasn’t it.  Dragonfruit should be cut vertically, from top tip to bottom tip, similar to an avocado and opposite of a grapefruit.  Next, the flesh can be scooped out of the skin and skin discarded.  That’s it, you’re finished!  Once you’ve scooped out the fruit you can do whatever you please with it.  Cut it up and throw it in yogurt, a salad, or make a pitaya bowl out of it.  The possibilities are literally endless!

The flavor and taste of this fruit is so tropical it feels like you’re on vacation.  This is one that you won’t been able to forget, so turn around and go buy more NOW:)

Want to know what to do with the dragonfruit now?  Find the perfect recipe here: Pitaya Breakfast Bowl with Papaya

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