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I first fell in love with food and cooking at the ripe (no pun intended) age of 15.  I started working at a bakery after school and eventually moved from the cashier to assistant baker.  It was there I learned the importance of sifting, mixing just enough for the dough not to get tough, and not opening the oven door until the timer went off – something I still struggle with!  I worked with an amazing baker who taught me that with a lot of passion and some serious persistence you could make food that inspires people and creates happiness.  I was lucky enough to continue to work there until I left for college and even then continued over the holidays while back at home.

From that point on I continued to cook at any chance I could in college, whether it was taking veggies from our sorority salad bar to make a stir fry or using that last bit of kale in my fridge to make a mean pesto.

Right now I’m at a crossroads with food.  I’m confident enough in the kitchen to attempt something new and difficult but still may need to try it a time or two to get everything just right.  I am constantly trying to find ways to reinvent a recipe or use up something leftover to conserve what I have on hand and prevent wasting food.  My hope is with this blog I will inspire other people to test something new out or get more creative in the kitchen.  I want to spread my love of healthy eating (mostly) and indulgent, not so healthy eating (sometimes) in a bright and beautiful way that brings nourishment to the body and soul.